NEWS ARCHIVE "Strength" by Philippa Whiteside

PWhiteside 009 m

(Photography by Pete Duvall)



'Unplant those seeds of doubt'


A project by Philippa Whiteside whilst undergoing an artist residency at Flux Studios in Mount Rainier, MD USA. Philippa works with porcelain using the slab-building technique to create beautifully crafted sculptural forms. She enjoys the technique difficulty of this technique and mixes it with floral and lace decorative detail.

A description of what her project represents:

Philippa Whiteside Strength


"Those times when you feel sad, or overwhelmed, when you feel you don't have the energy to continue, you are lost and unsure of where you are going. It is ok. We are all capable of amazing things. Believe in yourself and don't give up. Because, you know, we are all fragile in our own ways. It is finding that balance, that balance between strength and vulnerability.

Unplant those seeds of doubt and let’s plant new seeds. Seeds of beauty, self-belief, strength and happiness."



During her residency she underwent drama with spider bites and the skin infection cellulitis, (a world with no free NHS!) and then amazing highs when visiting New York and creating some fabulous pieces. She met and got to know some amazing people and looks forward to her next adventure.

To look over her journey check out this link. It will take you to her album showing a daily update and all the finished pieces.