NEWS ARCHIVE Echo - A Solo Show by Adelle Cutter


Creative Cohesion is pleased to be hosting a solo exhibition from one of our tenants Adelle Cutter.

The private view will take place on Thursday 5th February from 6pm - 8pm
The show will then run from 6th until 28th February. Opening times are Saturdays 10am - 4pm however viewing is available on other days by appointment. 

Adelle Cutter works and lives in the Northeast England, continually exploring her passion through both her practice as a Fine Artist and role of Educator.
Representing personal experiences through her work, she creates her pieces with iconography which are indicative of a certain time, place or individual; yet stays ambiguous for the viewer, in order to challenge their understanding of the pieces in unexpected ways, and to decipher their own interpretation and connection to the artwork.
Not wishing to impose her own beliefs, she instead enjoys the way in which no two interpretations of her work are the same, breaking down the elitism within the art world and evoking the response from the audience, to engage more personally with the work.
Never wishing to limit her range of exploration within her subject matters, she varies from painting; print through to digital and written manifestations of her ideas. The motivation being to fully realise and display her work using the most suitable canvas available.

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